Publishing Ethics and Malpractice Declaration

Creative Saplings (CS) Publishing Ethics and Malpractice Declaration (ISSN: 0974-536X)

Editorial independence and integrity: Creative Saplings (CS) upholds the highest editorial independence and integrity standards. The editorial team works hard to ensure that the peer review process is fair, objective, and transparent and that editorial choices are made based on the research's quality and relevance.

Peer review: Creative Saplings (CS) uses a double-blind peer review procedure to ensure that the identities of the reviewers and authors are kept private. The reviewers are picked for their competence in the relevant field and must provide helpful criticism to the authors.

Authorship and Contributorship: According to Creative Saplings (CS), all authors must have made significant contributions to the research and have approved the final version of the publication. Writers must also state any conflicts of interest that may impact their study.

Plagiarism and duplication: Plagiarism and duplication are strictly prohibited at Creative Saplings (CS). Using plagiarism detection tools, all submitted publications are evaluated for originality. The journal also does not accept articles that have previously been published or that are currently being reviewed by other publications.

Creative Saplings (CS) adheres to ethical research standards and requires authors to follow relevant rules, such as getting informed consent and ensuring that the research does not hurt participants or animals.

Conflicts of interest: Authors must state any conflicts of interest that may affect their study. The editorial team and reviewers must declare any conflicts of interest that may affect the peer review process.

Corrections, retractions, and expressions of concern: If necessary, Creative Saplings (CS) has a procedure for fixing errors, withdrawing articles, and issuing terms of reference.

Editing and publishing processes: Creative Saplings (CS) aspires for transparency in its editorial and publishing processes and to ensure that all published articles are of high quality and contribute to knowledge growth.

Creative Saplings (CS) takes ethics violations seriously and may apply punishments such as retraction of papers, barring authors from future submissions, or reporting misconduct to relevant authorities.

Hence, CS is dedicated to sustaining the highest standards of publication ethics and the integrity and quality of its published research.