Authors, poets, translators, and reviewers are invited to submit their original unpublished works for publication to Creative Saplings (CS) in a standard format. Our editorial board will select relevant, original, and polished write-ups. Following guidelines are to be followed for submitting write-ups:

* Original and unpublished literary works are to be sent. We don't Accept AI Written papers at all. 

* Submission materials should be polished and almost faultless.

* All submissions must be in 12 New Times Roman, 1.5 spacing and all pages numbered starting from the title page.

* Minimum lenghth of the research paper should be 4000 words.

* All texts must be fully justified.

* The latest MLA edition should be followed with Works Cited entries.

* In case of having more than one author:

* Name of 1st Author, 2. Name of 2nd Author, 3. Name of 3rd Author

* Designation of 1st Author, 2. Designation of 2nd Author, 3. Designation of 3rd Author

* Name of Department of 1st Author,

* Name of organization of 1st Author, City, Country, Email address.

* No special characters, numbers, or symbols are to be used in the title and abstract of any submission.

* The chapter should begin with a brief Abstract and keywords.

* Paper Title, Author Names/Affiliations, Abstract, and Keywords must be in single-column format.

*The similarity index must be strictly attached with each submission.

*The contributors are requested not to mention their names anywhere in the article except in the front  page.

* All the submissions must be sent to email:


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