Information For Librarians

As a librarian, you play a crucial role in ensuring that the articles published in Creative Saplings Journal are easily accessible to the readers. To facilitate this, we request you to follow the guidelines below:

  1. Indexing and Archiving:

    • The journal is open-access and can be accessed through the Creative Saplings website.
    • The journal is indexed in various academic databases, including Google Scholar, Crossref, and others.
    • Please ensure that the journal is added to your library's catalog and is easily searchable by the readers.
    • Please archive the journal issues in your library's repository for future reference.
  2. Dissemination:

    • Please promote the journal to your institution's faculty, students, and researchers.
    • Please display the journal posters in your library's notice board, website, or social media pages.
    • Please consider organizing workshops, seminars, or training programs for the researchers in your institution on how to publish their articles in Creative Saplings.
  3. Subscription:

    • Creative Saplings is an open-access journal and does not require a subscription fee.
    • However, if your library wishes to financially support the journal, you may consider becoming a member of the Creative Saplings Society or donating.
  4. Feedback:

    • Please provide feedback to the journal's editorial board on how the journal can improve its content, design, and accessibility.
    • Please encourage the researchers in your institution to submit their articles to the journal.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that Creative Saplings Journal reaches a broader audience and fulfills its mission of promoting original research and creative works related to English and literature.