Indexing and Abstracting and Preservation of Digital Contents

Creative Saplings (CS) (ISSN: 0974-536X) is an International Peer Reviewed, open access, a monthly journal of English language and Literature published by the Society for Academic Facilitation and Extension (Regd.) India. In order to prevent server failure, CS is a partner of Archive-It, LOCKS, which permanently archives the journal's contents with copies on servers in the USA, UK, India, and several libraries. The Internet Archive which is also known as the "Internet library", provides, "Permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to materials that exist in digital format". 

The Publisher of CS is a member of The Publishers International Linking Association, Inc. via Crossref, and contents published in the journal are registered with Crossref and are assigned DOI (Digital Object Identifier). The DOI prefix received from Crossref is 10.56062. We assign DOI to each and every article we publish.

Plan for the Long-Term Preservation of Published Contents of Creative Saplings:

Archive with Archive-It

The journal's contents are permanently stored by Archive-It, a partner of The Creative Saplings, with copies on several servers. "Permanent access for researchers, historians, and academics to materials that exist in digital format" is one of the benefits of using The Internet Archive as an "Internet library." To view, click here.

Preservation in Fatcat:

All the published research articles of Creative Saplings are preserved in Fatcat through the data Preservation Archival System. To know more details, click here: Creative Saplings

Preservation in PKP PLN:

Further information about this is available here: "Preserved in PKP PLN." Creative Saplings' contents are also being preserved at PKP PLN using the OJS/PKP Preservation Archival System.

Preservation in LOCKSS:

The OJS/PKP Preservation Archival System is preserving CS’s contents at LOCKSS, and more information about this may be found here under the heading "Preserved in LOCKSS."