Complaint Handling Committee

Complaint Handling Committee of CS

Composition: The complaint handling committee of CS is composed of impartial individuals which may be of the stature of Associate Professors/Professors who have relevant expertise in the concerned field. Committee members should not have conflicts of interest that could affect their ability to evaluate complaints objectively.

Procedure: The complaint handling committee of Creative Saplings receives Complaints directly from the complainant. These complaints will be called ‘Direct Complaints’. And the Complainant will be addressed as the ‘Request Maker.’  The request maker will file the complaint and wait at least 30 days for the response.

Confidentiality: The complaint handling committee will treat all complaints and related information strictly.

Investigation: The complaint handling committee will thoroughly investigate all complaints and gather relevant evidence to make an informed decision.

Decision-making: The complaint-handling committee will decide based on the evidence and provide a clear rationale.

Communication: The complaint handling committee will communicate its decision to the complainant and any other parties involved in the complaint.

Follow-up: The complaint handling committee will follow up with the complainant to ensure that the issue has been resolved to their satisfaction.

Direct Complaints will be addressed to

 Appeals process:

After a period of 30 days, the ‘Request Maker’ may file an appeal with the Appellate Authority by sending an email to with the subject line "Appeal for Complaint Handling Committee". The Editor-in-Chief of the Journal will manage the appeal and, if deemed appropriate, may address the issue prior to the appeal process.