Special Issue on Nandini Sahu's Literary Works


Creative Saplings is thrilled to announce the publication of a special issue dedicated to the profound literary contributions of the esteemed poet and author, Nandini Sahu. This exceptional issue, meticulously curated to celebrate her works, is a testament to her significant influence in contemporary literature. Titled "Dreamscapes and Beyond: Discovering Nandini Sahu's Works," this collection delves deep into the intricate layers of her poetic universe.

Guest Editor: We are honored to have Dr. Sagar Kumar Sharma as the Guest Editor, whose keen insights and scholarly expertise have enriched this edition immeasurably.

Editorial Introduction: Dr. Sagar Kumar Sharma presents an insightful editorial introduction that sets the tone for the intellectual exploration within this issue.

Featured Articles:

  1. "From “Neti” to “Deathless Goddess”: The Feminine in Nandini Sahu’s Sita and Shedding the Metaphors" by Namita Sethi - (Pages 4-11)
  2. "Sita’s Story: Intertextuality and Folkloric Allusions in the Creation of a Desi Feminist Discourse in Nandini Sahu’s Sita" by Nimeshika Venkatesan - (Pages 12-25)
  3. "The Personal as Political: A Study in Nandini Sahu’s Sita (A Poem)" by Dr. Sagar Kumar Sharma - (Pages 26-36)
  4. "“Being God’s Wife” is No Easy Matter" by Abhimanyu Pandey - (Pages 37-45)
  5. "Re-routing/Re-mapping Identity and Belongingness Through Mythology and Folklore: A Critical Appraisal of Nandini Sahu’s Poetry" by Gulsara Ahmed - (Pages 46-59)
  6. "Love, Detachment & Hope in the poems of Nandini Sahu" by Tarun Sharma - (Pages 60-67)
  7. "A Study in Subversive Literature vis-à-vis Sita and Ahalya in the poems of Nandini Sahu" by Pushpa R. Menon - (Pages 68-74)
  8. "Many Masculinities: Reading Stories from Shedding the Metaphors by Nandini Sahu" by Suman Lata Chhachhia - (Pages 75-92)
  9. "Understanding Trauma in Nandini Sahu’s That Elusive Orgasm of An Incest Victim" by Surabhi Jayati Purty - (Pages 93-103)
  10. "Reading Past through the Present: A Comparative Analysis of Nandini Sahu's Sita with Valmiki's Ramayana through an Indic Perspective" by Bhaskar Bhushan - (Pages 104-118)
  11. "The Song of Liberty: Celebrating our Vaginas" by Kompal - (Pages 119-130)
  12. "Reimagining the Myth of Ahalya: A Feminist Reading of Nandini Sahu’s Poem Ahalya’s Waiting" by Arun Singh Awana - (Pages 131-139)

This special issue stands as a testament to the power of Nandini Sahu's literary voice and her unique ability to weave intricate narratives with profound societal implications. We invite all enthusiasts of literature and academia to explore this insightful collection,