A Glass of Time by Tejaswini Patil: A Study of Major Themes


  • Indrayani R. Kuduchkar G.S. Moze College, Yerwada, Pune




A Glass of Time is a volume of poetry by Dr. Tejaswini Patil, an established poet in English, Hindi and Marathi, having four volumes of poetry to her name. In A Glass of Time, she takes her readers to the inner psychological journey undertaken by her, unfolding various facets of her personality. Her theism, concern for nature, brooding over concepts like Culture and Humanity, deep faith in the power of Love, role of women in the development and enrichment of Life itself along with her deep roots in Indian culture and family system fascinate the readers. Her deep contemplation over life, relationships and humanity can be experienced through these poems. Along with thoughts, the poems are enriched with different stylistic and poetic devices.


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