Concentration Techniques: Exploring Various Dimensions


  • K.P. Singh Singh Sri. Sri University, Cuttack, Odisha
  • Vinay Shankar Shukla D.A-V. College, Kanpur, UP



Concentration, Dhyana, Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga


Concentration is one of the most vital aspects in shaping the effectiveness of learning. It is the application of mind on a subject of any nature upon which we wish to have complete control and direct it the way we wish to. The fundamental question is how we shape our mind and train it in a systematic manner to enhance the power of concentration. If we look at the available books on the subject and different other resource materials on the techniques of developing it, we see that systematic research on scheming the level of concentration is far from satisfactory. But at the same time, great knowledge of Yoga, discovered and practised in ancient Bharata gives not only a ray of hope but complete assurance in developing the highest level of concentration. The practice of Yoga as a means have been studied along with the effect of an external factor that plays its role in our concentration. In present time, anxiety, worry, and mental tensions have become nearly unavoidable companions of students in general that result into negative impact. The lack of concentration affects performance adversely; It has a lot to do in acquiring knowledge or expertise in any given field. Present paper focuses on the various ways and techniques which are essential in improving concentration level.

DOI: 10.56062/gtrs.2022.1.1.4
Published: 2022-04-25




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