Complex Areas for Analysis


  • P C K Prem Former Academician, Civil Servant and Member Himachal Public Service Commission, Shimla, Garh-Malkher, Palampur, Himachal



Gender inequality, Feminine Psyche, social Inequity, Scrutiny of equality, discrimination.


Man feels confused in a changing world that is experiencing tremendous, unanticipated expansion because he cannot keep up with what is happening. Priorly closed areas are now open for inspection. A new awakening brought outdoors simmering mental worries and infused courage as colonialism proved to be repressive and repulsive, with an increase in the misery of the majority in the society surrounding many countries and elsewhere for many reasons. Women endured long-suffering but did not speak up because they were also victims of incorrect social norms. Social reformers' voices against gender inequality started to bring about apparent changes in the social structure. Even previously uncomfortable male-female sexual relations in socially taboo places have now become commonplace and have won long-lasting acceptance despite much moralizing, vituperation, and protest. Radical transformations were sparked by social and economic equality among humans in various regions of the world. Even totalitarian, dictatorial, monarchical, and democratic political systems were compelled by socialist ideas to establish legislation governing and legalizing equality in social and economic life. Although it was a significant shift likely to be met with resistance, humanity eventually came to accept the realities of future life to a respectable amount.




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