Natural Symphonies: The Evocative Imagery in Jayant Mahapatra's A Rain of Rites


  • Mahima Agarwal Research Scholar Department of English Shri Venkateshwara University Gajraula. J. P. Nagar (UP)



Imagery, Odisha, Rain, Puri, Indian English Literature.


Jayanta Mahapatra is renowned in Indian English poetry and is well-known for his vibrant and reflective songs. He skillfully blends the local and the global in his poetry, which addresses themes of identity, culture, and the human condition. Though he began writing poetry in his forties—quite late—he established a solid reputation for himself in Indian English literature quite quickly. His collection A Rain of Rites is one of the most significant, even if several of his compositions are considered outstanding. His use of imagery throughout the anthology prompts readers to consider their own lives as well as the universal struggles that define the human condition. Mahapatra shows off his mastery of imagery in A Rain of Rites, which addresses profound existential issues and arouses powerful feelings through vivid descriptions. The present paper aims to analyze A Rain of Rites from the point of view of natural imagery


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