Ramifications of Religious Intolerance and Indian Nation: Tharoor’s Riot


  • Pramod Kumari Engineering College, Bharatpur (Raj)




Riot, Shashi Tharoor, Ramjanmbhoomi, Hinduism, Religious Intolerance


Literature and the nation are inextricably linked. A discipline that originates from a philosophical tradition developed with the notion of the country is the study of literature. Since Bhabha claims that the country and narration are comparable, literary tales have a deep connection to the idea of the nation. The real inspiration for Shashi Tharoor's Riot was the 1992 religious disturbances. These riots between Hindus and Muslims took place to "correct a grievous injustice" from four hundred and sixty years before. But these riots were sparked mainly by political unrest. Politicians appeal to voters on particular religious, caste, and geographic grounds. The current essay examines how a regular person might become a victim of riots between groups of people without their fault and how, during such fights, national integrity is threatened and overlooked. A man without a country seems like an impossibility. Love for humankind is the only remedy for violence. "Distracting interventions" can only be overcome by forgiving and moving forward.




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