APJ Abdul Kalam: A Poet of Human Concern


  • Sanjay Johari Assistant Professor, Department of English, K G K College Moradabad




Missile man, Humanism, Intellectuality, Paragon, Aesthetic, Versatile, patriotism.


Abdul Kalam Azad, the former President of India, is known as the Missile man of India. He has a great name in scientific development, and despite this, he is thoroughly an Indian poet. His poetry is replete with humanism and intellectuality and presents his human concerns for the nation. He is the paragon for the learners. The aesthetic and harmonious feelings are the remarkable traits of his poetry. His scientific mood can be seen in his poetic diction. He was a versatile genius, and his excellent craftsmanship identified his versatility. His religious faith and love for the nation compelled him to paint the social reality on his poetic canvas. Kalam's poems express human concern, love, peace, and harmony. He succeeds in this attempt by selecting images and symbols from his personal life. Indeed, his poetry abounds in the spirit of patriotism, heroism, and self-sacrifice. His inspiring poems have a marvelous sense of vision, passion, imagination, and innovation. Therefore, it can be said that Kalam was a highly innovative poet of India.


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