Salman Rashid’s A Time of Madness

A Memoir of Partition: A Testament of Personal Odyssey


  • P.V.Laxmiprasad Asst. Professor, Dept of English, Satavahana University, Karimnagar



Memoir, Salman Rashid, Hindu-majority India, Partition, A Time of Madness.


Salman Rashid is Pakistan's most prominent travel writer. He has written nine travel novels. His debut memoir is titled A Time of Madness. The partition of India in 1947 into two separate nations, Pakistan and India, was considered a manoeuvre by the Colonial British to use Divide and Rule tactics. The end consequence was deadly mayhem. People lost their identity while attempting to establish themselves in a new nation and their native country. In the ensuing mass migration, they were scarred and exiled. Millions of innocent individuals were treated inhumanely. The turmoil and disorder of life danced on them. This book depicts the author's personal adventure against this background. To the readers, his own experiences are a stark reality. "Consequently, when the memory of Partition is irrevocably obliterated with the rise of my generation, we shall be left with no hope," he finishes the Memoir. The greatest tragedy will not be the loss of lives and property during the 1947 turmoil. Those efforts would have been in vain since they never inspired us."


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Rashid, Salman. A Time of Madness (A Memoir of Partition). Aleph, 2017.

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