Contemporary Scenes and The Emergence of Sarojini Naidu


  • Dr Shatakshi Misra Assistant Professor Department of English RBSETC, Bichpuri, Agra



Indian history, Hinduism, Contemporary Scenes, sati, Sarojini Naidu.


Like Rabindra Nath Tagore and Shri Aurobindo Sarojini Naidu too was more than a poet. She was one of mother India’s most gifted children, readily sharing her burden of pain, fiercely articulating her agonies and hopes. The present paper “The Contemporary Scene and The Emergence of Sarojini Naidu”, provides an account of Sarojini’s social, political, and literary background, here love for India evident from her passionate involvement with the freedom struggle did, in no way, withhold her for being so enamored by the poetic muse. It is rather unfortunate that Sarojini Naidu has been criticized for writing about the colorful land of romance and mystery, the India of the common western imagination, with the essential reality-a of real experience, a real landscape, and the real people blurred into a mystified sentimentality.

DOI: 10.56062/gtrs.2022.1.9.186
Published: 2022-12-25




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