The Representation of Humanity in Asif Currimbhoy’s Inquilab


  • Mallam Naveen Associate Professor Department of English Government Degree College, Parkal Hanumakonda District, Telangana State - 506164 Affiliated to Kakatiya University, Warangal



representation, humanity, injustice, Naxalite, democracy.


In recent decades, mankind has been progressing towards the advancement in the name of technology. At the hand of advancement and development, the elements of basic humanity are doomed under the hypocrisy in society. There is a need for the insurgence of humanity over inhumanity to save mankind. Every human being, in the interaction of self and society, tries to accommodate the soul for the best of human nature. If this is the element to be drawn for the artistic play, Asif Currimbhoy has the advantage in every manner to make use of the elemental psychic drama molded into an excellent play. The present play by Asif Currimbhoy, Inquilab portrays human nature with the zeal of representation of humanity over the doomed system of injustice caused in society. It tries to pave a way to bear the torch towards humanity over adversity of the human psyche in the name of feudalism. Finally, it also searches for the redressal of mechanisms in the human behavior, as the Naxalite way of life is not a short cut, nor a sole way out for many filthy problems of society and does not bring the wanted means of democracy.


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