Bhojpuri Native Idioms and Sayings: A Mirror of Literature & Culture


  • Dr. Dept. of English, Jagdam College (J. P. University)



Bhojpuri, Idioms, Proverbs, Metaphor and Culture


We know that the idioms and sayings of a particular region are the true embodiment of the contemporary tradition and the historical consciousness. A minute and subtle study of these sayings also show the political, social and cultural atmosphere of the society. But what matters most in these sayings and idioms is the literary and metaphorical aspects which has always been on the canter stage. The thoughts, ideas and visions of the unlettered rustic villagers are always suffused with the colors of great art, literature, and religious scriptures. The main objective of this paper is to dive deep into this great sea of sayings and idioms and dig out the pearls and jewels in the form of epigrammatic and condensed language so that the modern materialistic and mechanical world may take the lesson from the great culture and ethics contained in these life-giving sayings and idioms.




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