Indigenous Tribals - The Vanguards of Environment – A Close Study of the Oscar-Winning Documentary: The Elephant Whisperers


  • Arti Jain Assistant Professor Department of English M.L.V. Shramjeevi College, Janardan Rai Naagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University, Udaipur (Raj.)



Indigenous, Ecology, Mother-Nature, Co-existence, Tribal Folk, Animals, Role of Women, Awareness.


The creative and destructive both the powers lie in the womb of Mother-Nature. None other than the Mother Nature has the power to withstand the onslaughts of industrialization, capitalism, corporate world etc. The Mother-Nature belongs to each one of us. We all are the part and parcel- the children of the Planet. But the vice-versa action of using and giving to the Mother-Earth is apparently and powerfully visible in the life-style, culture and devotion of Indigenous Tribal folks of India’s various regions. The proposed research article is an effort to bring into focus the Oscar winning Documentary – The Elephant Whisperers.  The research paper aims to explore the perspectives of indigenous tribal people in the conservation of ecology, selflessly devoted to save animals who form the essential backbone of our environment. The short film raises the larger issue around Asian elephants losing their habitat due to climate change and human encroachment. Capturing the cultural diversity awareness, bounteous Mother-Nature of the tiny region of South India, and the sense of responsibility towards the environmental concerns raise the significant sentiment of respecting indigenous tribal folks, animals, and our bio-life. Thus, the research paper is an attempt to signify the documentary as a mouthpiece to highlight the space we share with animals and the tribal wisdom.



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