Prismatic Representation of Modern Woman in N. P. Singh’s Millennium Blues



Indian-English Poetry, Mandir and Masjid, Imaginative, realistic, ritual


N. P. Singh is a veteran teacher who has taught language and literature in a third world country. He has a long successful career of teaching which is also a synonymous with exploring and searching of new horizons. Though his collection Millennium Blues carries several themes of Mandir and Masjid, (Urbanization), Philosophy of life, Romanticism, Nature, reminiscences of childhood, communalism and the poems on dignitaries like Ram Bilas Sharma, Rajiv Gandhi, Kalpna Chawla, Monica and Stefi, yet the portrayal of women is kaleidoscopic as well as prismatic. The varieties of images, the pictorial quality, the emotive vortex and the tackling of women by the poet is exquisite and exemplary. N. P. Singh has succeeded in his portrayal of modern woman. From Romance to Ritual and Imaginative to Realistic, he has covered all the aspects related to modern Indian woman. He does not try to demean or to insult; rather with an emphatic touch, he gives meaning and creates love and sympathy in the hearts of his poetry readers so his portrayal of woman is prismatic.


N.P.Singh, Millenium Blues. (All the quotations are drawn out from the same book) Kolkata: Writers Workshop, 2004.




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