The Nuances of Legal Lexicon


  • Vaibhav Sabnis Associate Professor of English, DBAM College of Law, Dhule, Maharashtra



Legal language, legalese, lexicon, plain language


Legal language is the essence of our lives as law touches every walk of our lives. There is an indivisible connection between law and language. Laws are expressed in language and language has its own laws. The legal lexicon is an indispensable entity of legal language. In order to understand the laws, duties, rights and legal matters, it is imperative to understand legal language which is full of the distinct lexicon. The same words carry different meanings in legal and ordinary contexts. There are archaic words and phrases besides the overpowering of foreign words which have been fully assimilated into the legal language. All these need to be taken into consideration. The present paper focuses on the various facets, features and nuances of the legal lexicon.




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