Dalit Consciousness in Bama’s Fiction


  • Alka Sharma




Dalit Consciousness, Bama Faustina, poverty, Karukku, Protagonists


Dalit literature is now a distinct stream of the literature of India that has contributed an altogether fresh experience, ‘new sensitivity and vocabulary, a different protagonist, an alternate vision, and new chemistry of suffering and revolt. The singular identity of Dalit literature is exhibited through its rebellious collective characters, the Dalit writers’ distinct experiences, their use of folk language, and their selfless commitment to the liberation of human beings and alone all the influence of B. R. Ambedkar’s thought. The unique feature of this literature is its collective aspects because the experiences described in Dalit literature are social so they are termed as collective and character, despite, the expressions of individuals appearing to be that of a group. The stories in the novels discussed here show that Bama has depicted well the real sufferings of Dalit people who suffer endlessly throughout their lives at the hands of upper caste people. Ultimately, her consciousness finds that the redemption of Dalits from all these tortures and exploitations can be had only by proper education and thereby attaining high financial status.




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