Dr. Jernail S. Anand’s “Lustus: The Prince of Darkness” A Universe of Magic Poetry


  • Tamali Neogi Assistant Professor of English, Gushkara College, Purba Burdwan (West Bengal), India




Mahakaal Trilogy, Celestial Reign, Satan, Satya Yuga, Ravana


Lustus: The Prince of Darkness, the first book in Dr. J.S. Anand's Mahakaal Trilogy, is said to be a living picture of a nightmare, apocalyptic, postmodern world that has been torn apart by the evil-incarnate Lustus, who is Satan's successor, and his destructive artefacts. Satan anoints Lustus, whose evil plans are the underground forces that move human civilization toward its destruction. The poet focuses his lens on horrible and blatant social, political, ethical, religious, and moral decadence of the modern world, which makes for a fascinating and engrossing study of evil and a fascinating and engaging look at the modern human condition. Dr. Anand has skillfully dealt with the moral problems of the war between good and evil. He has done this by using a lot of metaphors, symbols, and multiple layers of identification. For example, Ravana is the head of the postmodern corporate world, Adam wears postmodern clothes, and Lustus is the Satan of postmodern times. These characters are well-versed in modern science, humanities, technology, and artificial intelligence.




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